#7. To do lists. Options. Part 1

For some time I've been trying some of the available free applications to keep track of tasks, normally for private use, I'll try to enumerate some of the available options we have:
  1. Pen and paper: clearly a prioritized to do list, not appropriated for many tasks, it's a good option if we write down tasks to do in the day and enumerate the steps to resolve a more complex task.
  2. Notebook: I separate this one from the last because I assume that the last one is a simple page to do list, this one is more suitable for a large project so we can track all the process of the resolution and the steps taken. I only find one drawback, it's the fact that if we don't want to lose the track of some tasks we have to drag uncompleted tasks or ideas to the next pages of the notebook, although one of my favorite options, also it has some glamor if you choose a good notebook.
  3. todo.txt: It's a good option, for a non overhead to do list, we don't lose track of tasks and can keep it synchronized online, but we only can have a list of items and it can get cluttered easily, like the notebook. Here, the major problem I find is the lose of a history.
For not extend this post I'll continue with more options soon in part 2.

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