#37. Firefox and other browser blocks insecure content

You have a website and firefox or other browsers block your ads or other content?
And it also shows an alert about insecure content?

Maybe you are using https in your website, then probably the cause is that you are serving this content without security (http) and browsers usually complain about it.

A simple way to fix this common mixed content error is removing the protocol from the url, so if you have an url to your content like src="http://yourcontent/contentpage" leave it like src="//yourcontent/contentpage". This way the browser will connect using the same protocol as the container page and allowing the content.


#36. BlockUI fires ready event in the message content

After playing a little with BlockUI I found out a strange behavior, in my opinion. BlockUI fires the ready event in the elements of the message, if the element contains the typical ready event handler of jquery it may cause some problems as happened in my case.

Here you can check an example of the problem.

You can solve it easily extracting the javascript code of the element to use as message, and, of course, not use javascript inline as the best practices say.


#35. Use Github for Windows behind corporate web proxy

github logo

For some time I wasn't able to connect to Github with the windows official app at work. At work we have a corporate web proxy that filters some content, and after not seeing any option to configure the proxy on the app I gave up.

But the other day I wanted to share a simple project to ping websites, WebsitePinger and I couldn't upload the code, doing a small research I found out that simply to configure GitHub for Windows, you just need to edit the .gitconfig file typically found at C:\Users\.gitconfig or C:\Documents & Settings\.gitconfig and add

proxy = http://yourcompanyproxy.com:8080

proxy = http://yourcompanyproxy.com:8080

I shared this on stackoverflow where a fellow companion was also not able to connect through proxy and seems that he did not find a working answer for him, I shared my resolution as probably someone will have the same problem as mine.