#8. To do lists. Options. Part 1

I'll continue with the last post about to do list, next is:
  1. online todo lists: I've been trying many of them for now (todoist, toodledo, gtasks, taskbin, etc.)  the only I keep for the moment is rtm and gtasks, more like a container of ideas to be processed and classified than a real todo list. All of them have some ideas that the others don't have, some have a slick interface and are optimized to work with only with the keyboard (which I find great!), but all of them have some shortcomings that I find hard to work without 'em.
  2. desktop apps: I haven't tried many of them because some are paid software, and the ones that I tried can keep up with the goodness of the online ones. Almost all of them doesn't have a good interface and working with can be a real pain and a real lose of time and overhead. Two that I save from the burning are tasque and milkify, the two integrate with rtm so many of the shortcomings of the other options can be salved, tasque is simple but nice, but recently I discovered milkify and looks great, I'll keep looking into it.
The idea of this post was to  think over the many options that we have to keep ourselves organized, the problem is that all of us have a diferent way of organizing, and from these options some might find that none of them can cope their necessities, or it can but with a drawback, a big overhead to keep organized. So, soon I'll post about some of the needs that I find indispensable to keep a good to do list.

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