#6. Config Cisco vpn client on windows 7 x64 without dying trying

I had to connect to my work's network from home to be available for a deploy this weekend, at work we use the Cisco vpn client in a windows xp environment without major problems. When I tried using it at home, my windows 7 machine exploded in a BSOD, so I looked for other options:
  1. In my laptop I use Ubuntu so I tried vpnc without success, it showed a message about some tunneling unimplemented option so I discarded
  2. I decided searching at google for a solution and I found much posts on cisco forums about the problems on 64 bits boxes, finally found that last version had a version for 64 so
  3. After installing it when I put my pc to sleep hanged on another BSOD about a ndys.sys, and this time i found this posts where it explained how to solve it:

    I tried for now and the system doesn't crash, but I couldn't connect because seems that that I wrote an incorrect IP of the host to connect.
With all this process I lost 3 days of free time, nobody wants to lose time doing tedious tasks, my reflection today is why so simple things in computing take so time? We can't we make some processes more easy?

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