#5. bugs and the problems of low quality products

I've seen in the last months some sites with flagrant bugs, some of them related, which I will talk about, to the giant microsoft, build by, what I believe are, small companies. Those 2 sites were part of contests, so the importance of a good quality decides who could be the winner, or if this will be a cheater. By the way, in one of them I won an xbox, thx microsoft, I will remark that I didn't needed to exploit any of the bugs but it was ace in my sleeve for if things would go wrong ;).

I've seen also an extreme lack of usability in a program used for the annual taxes, here is my money inverted every year, why I can't use this?

Is this a lack of interest in some of this developments? We can say that the client doesn't get involved in the development and many excuses but if we don't do our work well how can we expect that someone gets involved in it.

I'm not proud of this fellow partners who doesn't stand up for an enough level of quality in their work, we can even say that it's some kind of planned obsolescence to keep renewing sites and contracting more and more developments

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