#32. Google reader closure. Hail Feedly

After many years already using Google reader to follow blogs and websites, thanks to their update tracking capabilities, I want to dedicate this small post to this fallen product. As you may know on the 1st of July of this year (2013) is going offline, and after waiting a few weeks if Google reconsidered their decision and with no change at all, I started looking for alternatives.

After trying the most renown readers that promoted themselves to occupy the place of the falling king of readers, the winner IMHO is Feedly, which initially I discarded because it needs to download an extension to work and is not completely web based.

That made me try Pulse, but the magazine interface did not convince me at all, I wanted something similar to the old reader, and after finally trying Feedly I am pretty convinced that is the best alternative I found until now. It lacks some features that I miss, and I expect that some day they will implement, like a search bar for posts, to find something that you read some time ago and you want to read again. It helped to do a seamless change that they imported all the data from reader in your first login, so if you are still stuck with Google reader it is the time to change and let it die as many web products have already disappeared. Bye-bye reader.

Thanks for reading!

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