#26. Keep working even with a failing video card, even with BSOD

Recently my video card, the more or less old 8800GT, is getting its last moments of glory. A few days ago could not run some games properly, they would fail unexpectedly, after trying other games to discard it was a  problem of a specific game the problems were getting more constant, and a few BSOD and graphic glitches appeared, as the weather was getting hotter.
windows experience index (WEI) 1.0
Even reran the Windows Experience Index and got a 1.0 on my video card. So the problem was clear.

I was fast enough to get a new video card on amazonthe best video card for the money on a budget pocket, but meanwhile I was not able to get my system stable to work.
After trying underclocking the video card, the only method that got result was getting on safe mode, using the option with network I can work ok with a stable system, but no music ;).
Remember, after the bios messages and before the windows startup press F8 to get the "safe mode menu"

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