#19. loaded pc, granola and blue screen of death

Recently I posted about my current workstation config, also some days ago I tried to re-use an old audigy card, after installing it my system became unstable with random hangs and even some times a BSOD with a internal power error. Of course, I removed it.
After removing it the random hangs stopped, but the general speed of the system had been lowering in the recent months. But I thought it was a typical problem of windows getting bloated with software and updates.
Today my pc had the same problems, constant random hangings and even BSODs after some time. I thought it was a hardware problem, SPU or motherboard fail probably. Looked the voltages into HWMonitor and found lower than normal voltages. I was desperate so I went into failsafe mode, and found that the system was stable and found that granola wasn't running, eureka! Went to bios and looked in hardware monitor it was more or less ok. So finally granola got uninstalled, problem resolved.
This is my experience today, probably it won't affect everybody but be cautious, I don't recommend granola for a workstation (sorry environment) as it probably will waste more of your time that savings it will get you. I'm sorry but I won't use it again. Remember to prioritize everything and your working tools should be as speedy as it can be.